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Ah God my days are dark indeed How oft

Ah God, my days are dark indeed,
How oft this aching heart must bleed,
The narrow way, how fill'd with pain
That I must pass ere heaven I gain!
How hard to teach this flesh and blood
To seek alone the Eternal Good!

Ah whither now for comfort turn?
For Thee, my Jesus, do I yearn,
In Thee have I, howe'er distrest,
Found ever counsel, aid, and rest;
I cannot all forsaken be
While still my heart can trust in Thee.

Jesus, my only God and Lord,
What sweetness in Thy name is stored!
So dark and hopeless is no grief
But Thy sweet Name can bring relief,
So keen no sorrows' rankling dart
But Thy sweet Name can heal my heart.

The world can show no truth like Thine,
And therefore will I not repine;
I know Thou wilt forsake me not,
Thy truth is fix'd, though dark my lot;
Thou art my Shepherd, and Thy sheep
From every real harm Thou'lt keep.

Jesus, my boast, my light, my joy,
The treasure nought can e'er destroy,
No words, no song that I can frame
Speak half the sweetness of Thy name;
They only all its power shall prove
Whose hearts have learnt Thy faith and love.

How many a time I've sadly said,
Far better were it I were dead,
Far better ne'er the light to see,
If I had not this joy in Thee;
For he who hath not Thee in faith,
His very life is merely death.

Jesus, my Bridegroom, and my crown,
If Thou but smile, the world may frown,
In Thee lie depths of joy untold,
Far richer than her richest gold;
Whene'er I do but think of Thee,
Thy dews drop down and solace me;

Whene'er I hope in Thee, my Friend,
Thy comfort and Thy peace descend;
Whene'er in grief I pray and sing
I feel new courage in me spring;
Thy Spirit witnesses that this
Is foretaste of the eternal bliss.

Then while I live this life of care
The cross for Thee I'll gladly bear;
Grant me a patient willing mood,
I know that it shall work my good;
Help me to do my talk aright,
That it may stand before Thy sight.

Let me this flesh and blood controul,
From sin and shame preserve my soul,
And keep me steadfast in the faith,
Then I am Thine in life and death;
Jesus, Consoler, bend to me,
Ah would I were e'en now with Thee!

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 D (D.L.M.)
      Dates: 1584,1863
      Bible Refs:
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