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Thou who givest of Thy gladness
Till the cup runs o'eró
Cup whereof the pilgrim weary
Drinks to thirst no moreó
Not a-nigh me, but within me
Is Thy joy divine;
Thou, O Lord, hast made Thy dwelling
In this heart of mine.

Need I that a law should bind me
Captive unto Thee?
Captive is my heart, rejoicing
Never to be free.
Ever with me, glorious, awful,
Tender, passing sweet,
One upon whose heart I rest me,
Worship at His Feet.

With me, wheresoe'er I wander,
That great Presence goes,
That unutterable gladness,
Undisturbed repose.
Everywhere the blessed stillness
Of His Holy Placeó
Stillness of the love that worships
Dumb before His Face.

To Thy house, O God my Father,
Thy lost child is come:
Led by wandering lights no longer,
I have found my home.
Over moor and fen I tracked them
Through the midnight blast,
But to find the Light eternal
In my heart at last.

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Meter: 8 5 8 5 D
      Dates: 1898
      Bible Refs: Lk 15:23-24;
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