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O God, through Christ the living way,
My Father and my God,
So near, and I so far astray,
Brought nigh Thee by His Blood.

Myself, and this, and that, I sought
Behind, around, before—
And yet the nearest found I not,
Until I sought no more.

O Love, Thou deep eternal tide,
How dear are men to Thee!
The Father's heart is opened wide
By Jesus' Blood to me.

It was Thyself, O God, who sought,
With tender yearnings deep,
The loveless sould who sought Thee not,
The worthless, wandering sheep.

I come, yet leave myself behind,
And thus unfearing come,
For nought besides Thyself I find
In mine eternal Home.

I come—Thine open arms enfold
And welcome me within—
Let others work to bring their gold,
I only bring my sin.

Thou bringest love and gladness forth
From Thine exhaustless store,
To me, deserving but Thy wrath,
The life for evermore.

And now by magnet force led on,
I reach the inmost rest—
The nameless rapture of the son
Upon the Father's breast.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1898
      Bible Refs: Mt 18:12;
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