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Carol carol Christians Carol joyfully

Carol, carol, Christians,
Carol joyfully;
Carol for the coming of Christ?s nativity;
And pray a gladsome Christmas,
For all good Christian men.
Carol, carol, Christians,
For Christmas has come again.
Carol, carol.

Go ye to the forest,
Where the myrtles grow,
Where the pine and laurel
Bend beneath the snow:
Gather them for Jesus;
Wreathe them for His shrine;
Make His temple glorious
With the box and pine.
Carol, carol.

Wreathe your Christmas garland,
Where to Christ we pray;
It shall smell like Carmel
On our festal day;
Libanus and Sharon
Shall not greener be,
Than our holy chancel
On Christís nativity.
Carol, carol.

Carol, carol, Christians,
Like the Magi now,
Ye must lade your caskets
With a grateful vow:
Ye must have sweet incense,
Myrrh, and finest gold,
At our Christmas altar,
Humbly to unfold.
Carol, carol.

Blow, blow up the trumpet,
For our solemn feast,
Gird thine armor, Christian;
Wear thy vesture, priest!
Go ye to the altar;
Pray, with fervor, pray,
For Jesusí second coming,
And the latter day.
Carol, carol.

Give us grace, O Savior,
To put off in might
Deeds and dreams of darkness,
For the robes of light!
And to live as lowly
As Thyself with men;
So to rise in glory
When Thou comíst again.
Carol, carol.

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      Dates: 1840
      Bible Refs: Ps 30:4;
      Meter: .
        Dates: 1894

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