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From the brightness of the glory,
"Go ye forth," He said;
"Heal the sick and cleanse the lepers,
Raise the dead.
reely give I thee the treasure,
Freely give the same;
Take no store of gold or silver—
Take My Name.

"Carry neither scrip nor raiment,
Neither shoes nor staves;
Walk unburdened through the deserts,
O'er the waves.
hou art fitted for the journey,
Howso long it be;
Thou shalt come, unworn, unwearied,
Back to Me.

"Thou shalt tell Me in the glory
All that thou hast done,
Setting forth alone; returning
Not alone.
hou shalt bring the ransomed with thee,
They with songs shall come
As the golden sheaves of harvest,
Gathered home."

Then I went as He had told me—
He, the Lord in heaven;
Went in power of the Spirit
He had given.
nd the sick arose rejoicing,
Bore away their bed;
And in might of life eternal
Rose the dead.

And a light beyond the sunlight
Did the blind man see;
Loud and sweet the dumb sang praises,
Lord, to Thee.
nd the leper from his exile
Came Thy grace to own,
Falling low in rapturous worship
At the throne—

Where He sitteth, working wonders,
High at God's right hand,
More than when an outcast stranger
In the land.
rom the throne in heaven speaks He—
Speaks, and it is done;
Thus does God delight to honour
Christ, His Son.

Thus with instruments of music
Do His servants stand,
Harp and lute the King has fashioned
With His hand.
nd "the music of Jehovah"
Sound from every chord;
He who makes that glorious music
Is the Lord.

He by them tells forth God's praises
To the ears of men,
And to God His praise ascendeth
Yet again.
e alone, the Mighty Preacher,
Gathering in His own.
And the praise to God returning,
His alone.

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Meter: 10 5 10 3 D
      Dates: 1898
      Bible Refs: Jn 17:18;
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