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Art thou weary, sad, and lonely
All thy summer past?
One remaineth, and One only—
Hear His Voice at last.

Voice that called thee all unheeded,
Love that knocked in vain;
Now, forsaken, dost thou need it?
Hear that Voice again.

"Open to Me, my beloved,
I have waited long,
Till the night fell on the glory,
Silence on the song;

"Till the brightness and the sweetness,
And the smiles were fled,
Till thy heart was worn and broken—
Till thy love was dead.

"Thou wouldst none of Me, beloved,
Yet beloved wert thou;
Thou didst scorn Me in the sunshine,
Wilt thou have Me now?

"Soul, for thee I left My glory,
Bore the curse of God—
Wept for thee with bitterest weeping,
Agony and blood.

"Soul, for thee I died dishonoured,
As a felon dies;
For thou wert the pearl all priceless
In thy Saviour's eyes.

"Soul, for thee I rose victorious,
Glad that thou wert free;
Entered Heaven in triumph glorious—
Heaven I won for thee.

"Soul, from Heaven I speak to woo thee—
Thee, the lost, the lone;
Earth may fail thee, sin undo thee,
All the more Mine own.

"Sorrow, sin, and desolation,
These thy claim to Me;
Love that won thee full salvation,
This My claim to thee.

"Soul, I knock, I stand beseeching,
Turn me not away;
Heart that craves thee, love that needs thee—
Wilt thou say Me nay?"

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Meter: 8 5 8 5
      Dates: 1898
      Bible Refs: Mt 11:28;
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