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For lack of love I languish For lack of light I

For lack of love I languish,
For lack of light I pine;
Good Jesu, soothe my anguish,
And heal this soul of mine;
This soul whose only rest
Is on thy soft and loving breast.

From lack of strength I'm sinking,
O give me strength divine;
And let me still be drinking,
Each day, the heavenly wine;
The wine that cheers the heart
And bids its feebleness depart.

For lack of faith I'm failing,
Hand, heart, and head are low;
Exulting and prevailing,
Comes on my hellish foe.
Make haste, O Mighty One,
Help, Jesu, or my faith is gone.

For lack of joy I'm losing
All heart to work for thee;
At every pore out-oozing,
Life goeth fast from me.
Give back my joy and light,
Lest all with these should take their flight.

How little have I known thee,
Still less have served and loved;
Yet still I own, I own thee,
O keep my soul unmoved.
Teach me true service here,
The service of true love and fear.

I bargain not for blessing,
I leave that to thy will;
But keep me from transgressing,
O keep me faithful still.
O keep me true to thee,
Unchanged in fervent loyalty.

All that I need thou knowest,
Beyond what I can tell;
And all these thou bestowest;
Oh this contents me well!
In thy wise giving thus I rest,
Knowing how surely I am blest.

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Meter: 7 6 7 6 8 8
      Bible Refs:
      Meter: 7 6 7 6 8 8
        Dates: 1862
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