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Of old they sung the song of liberty,
They sung it upon mountain and on plain,
Till every echo of both land and sea
Pealed back the song again.

They poured it on the morning's genial gale,
It floated out upon the evening's calm,
And the rich stream-breeze from each fragrant vale
Gave back the song in balm.

The peasant sang it in his straw-roofed cot,
The noble sang it in his princely hall,
Till the vexed land, responding to the note,
Rose up at freedom's call.

The blithe blue morning's newly-wakened ray
Of cloudless summer coming freshly down,
Saw chains and bondage, tears and slavery,
The tyrant's sword and frown.

The northern noonday saw the rising war,
Like sudden tempest on a wind-swept sea,
The shout rose upwards to the evening-star,
The land, the land is free!

Amid the oppressor's threats they planted high
The ancient flag of liberty,
That banner floats unthreatened to the sky,
The Bruce hath set them free!

They sung the song of liberty again,
'Twas a still louder song than that of yore;
It went like thunder-notes o'er hill and plain,
It woke each echoing shore.

It woke the heart of age and heedless youth,
It woke the spirit of the sleeping land,
It roused them to the voice of holy truth;
Who could that voice withstand?

Hear ye the truth, and hearing it, obey;
Know ye the truth, the truth shall make you free;
Love not the midnight, love the lightsome day,
That light is life and liberty.

The Free One makes you free; he breaks the rod,
He bids you lift your heads to sky and sun,
As freemen of the everlasting God,
Kneeling to Him alone.

The Free One makes you free; be slaves to none,
Priest, prince, or self, in body or in soul;
Serve thou with all thy strength thy God alone,
Yield but to His control.

The True One gives you truth; a heritage,
Richer than that which kings may buy or sell,
For children's children to the farthest age;
Guard thou that treasure well.

Round went the message, over rock and plain,
Like burning words from lips of prophet old,
Priest, king, and lord opposed the voice in vain,
It would not be controlled.

Wide o'er the land went forth the new born day,
Brightening alike the cot, the hall, the throne,
Long years of darkness vanish at its ray,
Ages of night have gone.

The Christ has come, the breaker of all chains,
The giver of the heavenly liberty;
Peace, light, and freedom to these hills and plains!
The land, the land is free!

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