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Long long deferred now come at last Long long

Long, long deferred, now come at last,
The Lamb's glad wedding-day;
The guests are gathering to the feast,
The seats in heavenly order placed,
The royal throne above the rest;
How bright the new array!

Sorrow and sighing are no more,
The weeping hours are past;
To-night the waiting will be done,
To-night the wedding-robe put on,
The glory and the joy begun;
The crown has come at last.

Without, within, is light, is light;
Around, above, is love, is love;
We enter, to go out no more,
We raise the song unsung before,
We doff the sackcloth that we wore;
For all is joy above.

Ascend, Beloved, to the life;
Our days of death are o'er;
Mortality has done its worst,
The fetters of the tomb are burst,
The last has now become the first,
For ever, evermore.

Ascend, Beloved, to the feast;
Make haste, thy day is come;
Thrice blest are they, the Lamb doth call,
To share the heavenly festival,
In the new Salem's palace-hall,
Our everlasting home!

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Meter: 8 6 8 8 8 6
      Bible Refs:
      Name: STEPHANOS
      Meter: 8 6 8 8 8 6
        Dates: 1708
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