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Not with the light and vain The man of idle feet

Not with the light and vain,
The man of idle feet and wanton eyes;
Not with the world's gay, ever-smiling train;
My lot be with the grave and wise.

Not with the trifler gay,
To whom life seems but sunshine on the wave,
Not with the empty idler of the day;
My lot be with the wise and grave.

Not with the jesting fool,
Who knows not what to sober truth is due,
Whose words fly out without or aim or rule!
My lot be with the wise and true.

Not with the man of dreams,
In whose bright words no truth nor wisdom lies,
Dazzling the fervent youth with mystic gleams;
My lot be with the simply wise.

With them I'd walk each day,
From them time's solemn lessons would I learn;
That false from true, and true from false I may
Each hour more patiently discern.

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