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O Love Invisible yet infinite I cast myself into

O love invisible, yet infinite,
I cast myself into thy sure embrace;
O light of God, shine through this cloudy night;
O God of light, unveil thy gladdening face!

Happy in knowing thee, my Lord and God;
happy in finding thee, my treasure true;
happy in following thee through ill and good,
in toiling for thee, and in suffering too.

Clear-written on the cross I read thy love;
thy love is there, and there thy power I see,
the power that comes with healing from above,
that brings to us a heavenly liberty.

What is the love to me without the cross?
And what the cross without the love, O Lord?
All sin and weakness I; it is the cross
that to my broken soul doth health afford.

O love that passeth knowledge, thee I need!
Pour in the heavenly sunshine, fill my heart;
scatter the cloud, the doubting, and the dread,
the joy unspeakable to me impart.

O love that passeth knowledge, shine on me
as through these sunless solitudes I wind;
brighten my path, give buoyant liberty,
nerve for the fight, unburden and unbind.

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      Bible Refs:
      Name: ELLERS
      Meter: 10 10 10 10
        Dates: 1869
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