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Speaketh the sinner's sin within my heart Before

Speaketh the sinner's sin within my heart,
Before his eyes, of God there is no fear;
For in self-flattery still on he goes,
Till of his sin the hatefulness appear.

Lies and deceit alone are on his lips,
Wisdom and goodness, lo, he shunneth still;
Mischief upon his bed he meditates,
The wicked path he takes, nor hates the ill.

Jehovah, in the heavens Thy mercy is,
Unto the clouds extends Thy faithfulness;
Thy righteousness is like the hills of God,
Thy judgments are a fathomless abyss.

Jehovah, Thou preservest man and beast!
God, our God, how excellent Thy grace;
Therefore beneath the shadow of Thy wings,
The sons of men their confidence shall place .

They shall be satisfied abundantly
With the large fullness which Thy house supplies;
Yea, Thou wilt give them drink for evermore
From the eternal river of Thy joys.

For with Thee only is life's fountain clear,
And in Thy light alone we light shall see;
Draw out Thy grace to those who Thee have known,
Thy righteousness to those who upright be.

Keep far from me the foot of pride; nor let
Me moved be by these mine enemies.
There fall the workers of iniquity;
Struck down are they, unable more to rise!

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      Name: ELLERS
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        Dates: 1869
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