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Jesus is our God and Saviour

Jesus is our God and Saviour,
Guide, and Counsellor, and Friend;
Bearing all our misbehaviour,
Kind and loving to the end.

Trust him; he will not deceive is,
Though we hardly of him deem;
He will never, never leave us.
Nor will let us turn from him.

View him in the doleful garden,
View him on the bloody tree,
Dearly purchasing a pardon,
For his people full and free.

View him now in heaven sitting,
Interceding for us there;
Not a moment intermitting,
His compassion and his care.

Nothing but thy blood, O Jesus,
Can to sinners peace impart;
Nothing else from guilt release us,
Nothing else can melt the heart.

Law and terror do but harden,
All the while they work alone;
But a sense of blood-bought pardon,
Soon dissolves a heart of stone,

Jesus, all our consolations,
Flow from thee, the sovereign good;
Love and faith, and hope, and patience,
All are purchased by thy blood.

From thy fulness we receive them,
We have nothing of our own;
Freely thou delight’st to give them,
To the needy who have none.

May we, leaning on thy merit,
Go with faith to God in prayer;
May we, aided by thy Spirit,
Rise above all fear and care.

And if thou dost send affliction,
Quickly may our mournings cease;
may we conquer all dejection;
Keep us still in perfect peace.

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Meter: 8 7 8 7
      Bible Refs: Mt 1:21; Lk 2:10-11;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1853# 277
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