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Let us all with grateful praises Celebrate the

Let us all with grateful praises
Celebrate the happy day,
When the lovely, loving Jesus
First partook of human clay:
When the heavenly host assembled,
Gazed with wonder from the sky:
Angels joyed and devils trembled,
Neither fully knowing why.

Long had satan reigned imperious;
Till the woman's promised seed,
Born a babe by birth mysterious,
Came to bruise the serpent's head.
Crush, dear babe, his power within us,
Break our chains, and set us free.
Pull down all the bars between us,
'Till we fly, and cleave to thee.

Shepherds on their flocks attending,
Shepherd's that in night-time watched,
Saw the messenger descending
From the court of heaven despatched.
Beams of glory decked his mission,
Bursting through the veil of night.
Fear possessed them at the vision:
Sinners tremble at the light.

Dove-like meekness graced his visage;
Joy and love shone round his head.
Soon he cheered them with his message:
Comfort flowed from all he said.
"Fear not, favourites of the Almighty.
"Joyful news to you l bring.
"You have now, in David"s city,
"Born, a Saviour, Christ the King.

"Go and find the royal stranger
"By these signs. A babe you'll see,
"Weak, and lying in a manger,
"Wrapt and swaddled; that is he."
Strait a host of angels glorious
Round the heavenly herald throng,
Uttering, in harmonious chorus,
Airs divine; and this the Song

"Glory first to God be given
"In the highest heights; and then
"Peace on earth, proclaimed by heaven,
"Peace, and great good will to men."
Thus they sang with rapture kindling
In the shepherds hearts a flame,
Joy and wonder sweetly mingling:
All believers feel the same.

Lo, sweet babe, we fall before thee.
Jesus, thee we all adore.
To thee, kingdom, power, and glory,
We ascribe for evermore.
Glory to our God be given
In the highest heights; and then
Peace on earth brought down from heaven,
Peace, and great good will to men.

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Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
      Bible Refs:
      Name: WESTWOOD
      Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
      Hymn/Song Book Song # Key
      # 362Gm
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