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Great God tis not for feeble man Thy

Great God, ‘tis not for feeble man
Thy nature or thy works to scan,
With reverential awe we own
Thy glories never can be known.

The seraph who with labouring thought,
For ages has this knowledge sought,
Its height or depth can never find,
Nor fully know thy boundless mind.

Yet Lord, thy kindness deigns to show
Enough for mortal minds to know;
While wisdom, goodness, power divine,
Through all thy works, and conduct shine.

Thy love has given thy only Son,
For our transgressions to atone;
Thy mercy and thy power divine
have raised to life the dead in sin.

It is thy goodness which has given
Thy word to show our way to heaven;
And ‘tis thy grace alone doth lead
Our feet the heaven-ward way to tread.

Through every snare thy love and power
Have kept us safely to this hour;
And never wilt thou these forsake,
Whom thou dost for thy children take.

Oh, may our souls with rapture trace
Thy works of nature and of grace;
Explore thy sacred name, and still
Press on to know and do thy will.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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      1853# 187
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