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I saw and lo a countless throng The

I saw, and lo ! a countless throng,
Th' elect of every nation, name, and tongue,
Assembled round the everlasting Throne ;
With robes of white endued,
The Righteousness of God ;
And each a palm sustain'd
In his victorious hand ;
When thus the bright melodious choir begun :
" Salvation to Thy Name,
" Eternal God, and co -eternal Lamb !
" In power, in glory, and in Essence, One !"

So sung the Saints. Th' Angelic train
Second the anthem with a loud Amen :
(These in the outer circle stood,
The Saints were nearest God;)
And prostrate fall, with glory overpower'd,
And hide their faces with their wings,
And thus address the King of kings :
" All hail! by Thy triumphant Church adored !
" Blessing and thanks and honour too
" Are Thy supreme, Thy everlasting due,
" Our Triune Sovereign, our propitious Lord !"

While I beheld th' amazing sight,
A Seraph pointed to the Saints in white,
And told me who they were, and whence they came:
"These are they, whose lot below
"Was persecution, pain, and woe ;
"These are the chosen purchased Flock,
"Who ne'er their Lord forsook ;
"Through His imputed Merit free from blame ;
" Redeem'd from every sin ;
"And, as thou seest, whose garments were made clean, "
Wash'd in the Blood of yon Exalted Lamb.

" Saved by His Righteousness alone,
" Spotless they stand before the Throne,
" And in th' ethereal Temple chant His praise :
" Himself among them deigns to dwell,
" And face to face His Light reveal:
" Hunger and thirst, as heretofore,
" And pain, and heat, they know no more,
" Nor need, as once, the sun's prolific rays :
" Immanuel here His people feeds,
" To streams of joy perennial leads,
" And wipes, for ever wipes, the tears from every face."

Happy the souls released from fear,
And safely landed there!
Some of the shining number once I knew,
And travell'd with them here :
Nay some, my elder brethren now,
Set later out for Heaven, my junior saints below:
Long after me, they heard the call of Grace
Which waked them unto Righteousness :
How have they got beyond !
Converted last, yet first with glory crown'd !
Little, once, I thought that these
Would first the Summit gain,
And leave me far behind, slow journeying through the Plain.

Loved while on earth ! nor less belov'd, tho' gone !
Think not I envy you your crown :
No ! if I could, I would not call you down !
Though slower is my pace,
To you I'll follow on,
Leaning on Jesus all the way ;
Who, now and then, lets fall a ray
Of comfort from His Throne :
The shinings of His grace
Soften my passage through the wilderness ;
And vines, nectareous, spring where briers grew

The sweet unveilings of His Face
Make me, at times, near half as blest as you !
O ! might His Beauty feast my ravish'd eyes,
His gladdening Presence ever stay,
And cheer me all my journey through !
But soon the clouds return ; my triumph dies ;
Damp vapours from the valley rise,
And hide the hill of Sion from my view.
Spirit of Light! thrice holy Dove !
Brighten my sense of interest in that Love

Which knew no birth, and never shall expire !
Electing Goodness, firm and free,
My whole salvation hangs on thee,
Eldest and fairest daughter of Eternity !
Redemption, grace, and glory too,
Our bliss above, and hopes below,
From her, their parent-fountain, flow.
Ah ! tell me, Lord, that Thou hast chosen me !
Thou, who hast kindled my intense desire,
Fulfil the wish Thy influence did inspire,
And let me my election know !
Then, when Thy summons bids me come up higher,
Well pleased I shall from life retire,
And join the burning hosts, beheld at distance now

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      Dates: 1818
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