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Thou All-sufficient One !
Who art
The chosen portion of my heart !
Other rejoicing need I none.
I can find all in Thee,
Thou chiefest good to me !
Who has Thee is satisfied ;
Who by Thee doth still abide
Is no more lonely, at Thy side.

To whom Thou dost reveal
Thy face.
He lives in joy in every place,
In every time has what he will.
Who in his deep heart-ground
To Thee is firmly bound.
Still and joyful, knows no fear.
Earth costs him no bitter tear,
Earth grows dim when Thou art near.

O highest joy of joy !
True rest !
Comfort of every aching breast !
Whom can earth trouble or annoy,
Whom Thou art near to bless,
Who does Thy love possess ?
All I seek for out of Thee
Hindrance to my joy might be,
And diminish peace in me.

Whom Thou dost call Thy child,
Thine own,
By all on earth may be unknown,
By all on earth may be reviled ;
What then ? if God be his,
He needs no other bliss.
If I know that I have Thee,
Life and strength and joy may flee.
Griefs may come, they move not me.

Come, O Thou Blessed One,
My choice !
Now in Thy light make me rejoice.
Come, fill the soul which Thou hast won.
Come, take the whole, that I
To Thee may live and die.
I am Thine, oh, be Thou mine.
Until in yonder life divine
Thy face shall on me fully shine !

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