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Happy soul that free from harms Rests

Happy soul, that free from harms
Rests within his Shepherd's arms !
Who his quiet shall molest?
Who shall violate his rest?

Like a long-forgotten child
I have wandered on the wild;
Lost myself in vain desires,
Torn with thorns, and burned with fires.

Lonely with the self I hate,
By my will made desolate,
Sick of sin, out-wearied, cold
I would rest within Thy fold.

Father, seek Thy wandering sheep ;
Bring me back, and lead, and keep ;
Take on Thee my every care ;
Bear me, on Thy bosom bear.

Let me know my Shepherd s voice,
More and more in Thee rejoice ;
More and more of Thee receive ;
Ever in Thy Spirit live :

Live till all the love I know
I can find in Thee below;
Till I hear Thy gracious voice,
" Come up higher, and rejoice."

Then from sin and death set free,
Shepherded, O Lord, by Thee,
I shall join the flock above,
Where the fold is perfect love.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7
      Dates: 1818
      Bible Refs:
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      1903# 210
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