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Show pity Lord For we are frail and

Show pity, Lord,
For we are frail and faint ;
We fade away,
Oh list to our complaint !

We fade away
Like flowers in the sun ;
We just begin,
And then our work is done.

Show pity, Lord :
Our souls are sore distressed ;
As troubled seas
Our natures have no rest ;

As troubled seas
That, surging, beat the shore,
We throb and heave
Ever and evermore.

Show pity, Lord :
Our grief is in our sin ;
We would be cleansed ;
Oh make us pure within !

We would be cleansed ;
For this we cry to Thee ;
Thy word of love
Can make the conscience free.

Show pity, Lord :
Inspire our hearts with love
That holy love
Which draws the soul above ;

That holy love
Which makes us one with Thee,
And with Thy saints,
Through all eternity.

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Meter: 4 6 4 6
      Dates: 1903
      Bible Refs:
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1903# 218
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