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God give me grace to be a child of yours;
For truth and right, Lord, please make me a force.
Help me to lead each one I meet today
One step along your way.

Use me, dear Father, in my early years
To show to others we need have no fears;
Your tender love I know will meet your need
As on your word we feed.

Please keep me strong in all I try to do
As I each day draw closer, Lord, to you;
Then help me show each by the way I live
All that you want to give.

Thank you, Oh God, that you have made it plain,
Just as sweet sunshine follows after rain,
We can be sure in Heav’n we’ll find our place
Simply by trusting grace.

Lyrics: Copyright © 2007, Sandy Coverett: Creative Commons License
Permission is freely given for nonprofit reproduction by those who wish to use this song for worship

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Meter: 10 10 10 6
      Dates: 2007
      Bible Refs: 2 Co 12:9;
      Name: PEACE
      Meter: 10 10 10 6
        Dates: 1890
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