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With joy shall I behold the day That

With joy shall I behold the day
That calls my willing soul away,
To dwell among the blest:
For lo! my great Redeemer's power
Unfolds the everlasting hour.
And points me to his rest.

Ev'n now, to my expecting eyes
The heaven-built tow'rs of Salem rise;
Their glory I survey;
I view her mansions, that contain
The angel host, a beauteous train.
And shine with cloudless day.

Thither, from earth's remotest end,
Lo ! the redeemed of God ascend
Borne on immortal wing;
There, crowned with everlasting joy,
In ceaseless hymns their tongues employ
Before th'Almighty King.

The King a seat that there prepared,
High, on eternal base apprear'd,
For his eternal Son:
His palaces with joy abound;
His saints, by him with glory crown'd,
Attend and share his throne.

Mother of cities! o^er thy head
Bright peace, with healing wings outsprend,
For evermore shall dwell:
Let me, blest seat! my name behold
Among thy citizens enrolled,
And bid the world farewell.

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Meter: 8 8 6 8 8 6
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      1826# 28
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