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How happy are we Our election who see

How happy are we
Our election who see,
And venture, O Lord, for salvation on thee!
In Jesus approved,
Eternally loved,
Upheld by thy power we cannot be moved.

'Tis sweet to recline
On the bosom divine,
And experience the comforts peculiar to thine!
While, born from above,
And upheld by thy love,
With singing and triumph to Zion we move.

Our seeking thy face
Was all of thy grace,
Thy mercy demands and shall have all the praise:
No sinner can be
Beforehand with thee,
Thy grace is preventing, almighty, and free.

Our Saviour and friend
His love shall extend;
It knew no beginning, and never shall end:
Whom once he receives
His Spirit ne'er leaves,
Nor ever repents of the grace that he gives.

This proof we would give
That thee we receive;
Thou art precious alone to the souls that believe;
Be precious to us!
All besides is as dross,
Compared with thy love and the blood of thy cross.

Yet one thing we want,
More holiness grant!
For more of thy mind and thy image we pant:
Thine image impress
On thy favourite race;
O fashion and polish thy vessels of grace.

Thy workmanship we
More fully would be;
Lord, stretch out thine hand, and conform us to thee.
While onward we move
To Canaan above,
Come fill us with holiness, fill us with love.

Vouchsafe us to know
More of thee below;
Thus fit us for heaven, and glory bestow;
Our harps shall be tuned,
The Lamb shall be crowned,
Salvation to Jesus through heaven shall resound.

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Meter: 5 5 11 5 5 11
      Dates: 1808
      Bible Refs:
      Name meter
      11 11 11 11 r 9 9 11 11
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