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Songs of the Kingdom -

Hymn/Song Book # 5
Songs of the Kingdom
Scripture in Song

Number First Line Writer(s) Date Meter Verses
1 . None
8 . 1
13Steven Fry©1974 BMG Songs Inc/ . None
14All hail King Jesus All hail EmmanuelDave Moody1984 . 1
15 Unknown . 3
16Roy Hicks©1975,1980 Scripture . None
17Bruce McGrail©1979 Bruce McGrail/ . None
18Fred Chedgey©1978 Thankyou Music . None
19Andy Carter©1977 Thankyou Music . None
20 Unknown . 1
21Naida Hearn©1974/1978 Scripture . None
22Jimmy Rasono©1979,1980 Scripture . None
23Alison Huntley©1978 Thankyou Music . None
24 Unknown . 1
25Jimmy Rasono©1975,1980 Scripture . None
26Roy Hicks©1972,1980 Scripture . None
27Adrienne Hoggarth . 1
28Jackie Edwards©1977,1980 Scripture . None
29Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture . None
30Joan Parsons©1978 Thankyou Music . None
31Bonnie Low©1976 Bonnie Low/Que . None
32Neil Riley©1978,1980 Scripture . None
33Bob McGee©1976,1980 The King' . None
34Dana Rhodes©1977 Dana Rhodes . None
35Virgil Meared . 1
36Richard Oddie©1976,1980 Scripture . None
37Ric Farr©1979 Ric Farr . None
38Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture . None
39Bonnie Low©1976 Bonnie Low/Que . None
40Bill Grein
Janny Grein
©1978 Birdwing Music . None
41Jack Williams Hayford© Rocksmith Music . None
42St. Aidan's Parish Community© St. Aidan's Parish . None
43Jack Williams Hayford©1976 Living Way Min . None
44Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture . None
45Ted Watson©1977,1980 Scripture . None
46Susie Wilson©1973 Maranatha Prod . None
46Susie Wilson© Maranatha Producti . None
48Tony Hopkins©1972 Scripture in S . None
49Max Dyer©1974,1975 Celebrati . None
50Pete Sanchez Jr©1977 Pete Sanchez J . None
51Brother let me be your servantRichard Gillard©1977 Scripture in S . None
52Ted Sandquist©1976 Lion of Judah . None
53Tom McLain©1980 Scripture in S . None
54Susie Wilson©1977 Maranatha Prod . None
55Rick Ridings©1977 Richard Riding . None
56John Bagniewski©1978 Servants of th . None
57Dave Richards©1977 Thankyou Music . None
58Dana Rhodes©1977 Sparrow Song/C . None
59Leigh Briggs©1980 Scripture in S . None
60Kandela Groves©1985 Maranatha Musi . None
60Kandela Groves©1985 Maranatha Musi . None
61 Unknown . 1
62David Campbell©1980 David A. Campb . None
63Jules Riding©1976 St. Paul's Out . None
64Steve Stewart©1980 Scripture in S . None
65Dale Hunter
Evelyn Hunter
©1979,1980 Scripture . None
66Janny Grein
Bill Grein
©1978 Birdson Music/ . None
67Steve Smith©1977,1978 Scripture . None
68Phil Durham©1980 Phil Durham . None
69Gary Johnson©1978 Bethany Fellow . None
70Neil Riley©1979,1980 Scripture . None
71Donald E. Fishel©1973 The Word of Go . None
72Hilary Foged©1980 Scripture in S . None
73Charles Christmas©1974 The Word of Go . None
74Dale Garrett©1970 Scripture in S . None
75Alison Huntley©1978 Thankyou Music . None
76James (Jimmy) Lloyd Owens
Carol Owens
©1978 Lexicon Music . None
77Donna Adkins©1976 Fountain of Li . None
78David Ingles©1976 David Ingles M . None
79James (Jimmy) Lloyd Owens
Damian Lundy
©1978 Lexicon Music . None
80Graham Kelly©1978,1980 Scripture . None
81 Unknown . 1
82David Ingles©1976 David Ingles M . None
83Naida Hearn©1979,1980 Scripture . None
84Dave Fellingham©1980 Scripture in S . None
85Stephen M. Evans©1979 Stephen M Evan . None
86Frank Hernandez©1978 Sparrow Song/C . None
87Lanny Wolfe
Marietta Wolfe
©1975 Lanny Wolfe Mu . None
88Dave Richards©1979 Thankyou Music . None
89Nolene Prince©1978,1980 Scripture . None
90Linda Spencer©1979,1980 Scripture . None
91Gary Garrett©1976,1980 Scripture . None
92Mike Hibbert
Viv Hibbert
©1978 Mike & Viv . None
93 Unknown . 1
94Jean Zampino©1980 Jean L. Zampin . None
95David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M . None
96David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M . None
97Andraé Edward Crouch©1973 Lexicon Music . None
98Daniel Iverson1926,1935, 1963 . 2
99Richard Oddie©1979 Christian Arti . None
100Dave Bilbrough1977 . 1
101Sebastian Temple©1967 Franciscan Com . None
102Karen Barrie Chapman©1973 Karen Barrie . None
103Tony Pullen
Iain McDonald
©1980 Thankyou Music . None
104Brent Sinclair Chambers©1980 Scripture in S . None
105Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
106Linda Spencer©1971 Linder Spencer . None
107Hilary Foged©1980 Scripture in S . None
108Brent Sinclair Chambers©1978 Scripture in S . None
109Tom Martin©1980 Scripture in S . None
110Brent Sinclair Chambers©1979 Scripture in S . None
111Patricia van Tine©1978 Maranatha Musi . None
112 Unknown . 1
113Dave Bryant1978 . 1
114Ian Traynar©1977 Thankyou Music . None
115Dale Garrett©1979 Scripture in S . None
116James (Jimmy) Lloyd Owens©1978 Lexicon Music . None
117Dave Bilbrough©1979 Thankyou Music . None
118Mavis Ford
Loxley Ford
©1978 Springtide . None
119David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M . None
120Howard J. Carter©1980 Scripture in S . None
121Enine Niemand©1975 Promise Publis . None
122Stephen R. Adams©1973, 1982, 1983 St . None
123Dale Garrett©1978 Scripture in S . None
124James Greenelsh
Elizabeth Greenelsh
©1978 Integrity’s Ho . None
125Mark Pendergras©1975 Sparrow Song/C . None
126Mark Pendergras©1975 Sparrow Song/C . None
127David Ingles©1976 David Ingles M . None
128Brent Sinclair Chambers©1980 Scripture in S . None
129Roy Hicks©1978,1980 Scripture . None
130Jack Williams Hayford©1975 Living Way Min . None
131Ken Chant©1980 Scripture in S . None
132 Alliene G. Vale©1976 His Eye Music/ . None
133Eli Chavira©1971,1980 Scripture . None
134 Unknown . 1
135Himmie Gustafson©1976 Himmie Gustafs . None
136Merla Watson©1974 Gordon V. Thom . None
137Daniel C. Stradwick©1980 Scripture in S . None
138Thomas (Bishop) Ken1674 8 8 8 8 (L.M.) 1
139David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M . None
140Lanny Wolfe©1973 Lanny Wolfe Mu 8 8 8 7 None
141Tom McLain©1980 Scripture in S . None
142Robert Stamps©1972 Dawn Treader M . None
143Brent Sinclair Chambers©1979 Scripture in S . None
144 Unknown . 5
145Brent Sinclair Chambers©1979 Scripture in S . None
146Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
147Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
148Susan Hutchinson©1979 Word's Spirit . None
149Susan Hutchinson©1979 Springtide . None
150Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
151Mark Wastie©1980 Thankyou Music . None
152Bill Quigley
Mary-Ann Quigley
©1980 Bill & Mar . None
153Shirley Powell©1979 Shirley M. Pow . None
154Joyce Reba Luttrell (Dottie) Rambo
David Huntsinger
©1977 Heartwarming M . None
155Jesus is Lord CreationDavid J. Mansell198211 12 11 12 and refrain 1
156Brent Sinclair Chambers©1977 Scripture in S . None
157Jeannie Clattenburg
Rick Powell
©1977 SOUND III . None
158Ian Smith©1980 Thankyou Music . None
159Ian Smith©1980 Thankyou Music . None
160 Unknown . 3
161Chris A. Bowater©1979 Sovereign Musi . None
162Bruce Borneman
Judi Borneman
©1980 Maranatha Musi . None
163Pauline Michael Mills©1966 Fred Bock Musi . None
164Stuart Dauermann©1972,1975 Lillenas . None
165Shirley Powell©1977,1980 Noteworth . None
166Ross Fleming©1977 Scripture in S . None
167 Unknown . 5
168Dave Bilbrough©1980 Thankyou Music . None
169Richard Britton©1976,19880 Scriptur . None
170Ted Sandquist©1974 Lion of Judah . None
171 Unknown . 1
172Bill Sprouse JR©1975 Maranatha Musi . None
173Diane Davis Andrew©1971,1975 Celebrati . None
174Rebecca Wilmarth©1974 Rebecca L. Wil . None
175 Unknown . 1
176Jules Riding©1977 St. Paul's Out . None
177Sharla Mathews©1976 Sharla Mathews . None
178Keri Jones
Dave Matthews
©1978 Springtide . None
179Gary Pfieffer©1973 Fred Bock Musi . None
180Pam Hansford©1978 Springtide . None
181Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
182 Unknown . 1
183Ross Fleming©1978 Scripture in S . None
184Neil Riley©1979 Scripture in S . None
185Robert Cure©1976 Maranatha Musi11 12 11 11 None
186Barry McGuire©1977 Sparrow Song/C . None
187Merla Watson©1974 Gordon V. Thom . None
188Anonymous©1978,1980 Scripture . None
189Doris Mae Akers©1962 Manna Music, I . None
190Bruce Bremner©1980 Scripture in S . None
191Brent Sinclair Chambers©1977 Scripture in S . None
192Steffi Geiser Rubin
Stuart Dauermann
1975 . 1
193Dale Garrett©1977 Scripture in S . None
194Lilly Green©1979 Word Music (UK . None
195Marion Warrington©1972 Youth With A M . None
196Amazing grace how sweet the sound That saved aJohn Newton
Bryn Austin Rees
1779,19 cent 8 6 8 6 (C.M.) 13
197Steve Stone©1978 Mandina Music/ . None
198Shirley Powell©1975,1980 Noteworth . None
199James Henry Fillmore, Sr.©1986 Word Music (UK . None
200Ted Sandquist©1974 Lion of Judah . None
201Dennis Britton©1975 Sparrow Song/C . None
202Dale Garrett©1972 Scripture in S . None
203Georgian Banov©1978 Sparrow Song/C . None
204Sophie Conty
Naomi Batya
©1980 Maranatha Musi . None
205Barry McGuire
Tony Salerno
©1978 Sparrow Song/C . None
206Rich Cook©1976 John T. Benson . None
207Donya Brockway©1972 His Eye Music/ . None
208Mark Pendergras©1977 Sparrow Song/C . None
209Edith McNeill©1974,1975 Celebrati . None
210Sherry Saunders©1977 Sparrow Song/C . None
211Frank Hernandez
Sherry Saunders
©1975 Sparrow Song/C . None
212Graham Kelly©1977 Scripture in S . None
213Ane Warner
Sherry Saunders
©1977 Sparrow Song/C . None
214Laurie Klein©1978,1980 Maranatha . None
215Bruce Ballinger©1976 Canticle Publi . None
215Bruce Ballinger©1976 Canticle Publi . None
216Dave Bilbrough©1980 Thankyou Music . None
217 Unknown . 1
218 Unknown . 2
219Graham Kendrick©1979 Thankyou Music . None
220Daniel Markoya©1976,1980 Scripture . None
221Graham Kendrick©1977 Thankyou Music . None
222Graham Kendrick©1977 Thankyou Music . None
223Lee Abbey Music Workshop©1980 Bible Society . None
224Eric Jones©1980 British & . None
225Gerald Coates©1980 Thankyou Music . None
226Paul Kyle©1980 Thankyou Music . None
227Dougie Brown©1980 Thankyou Music . None
228Diane Fung©1978 Springtide . None
229Jim Patterson©1974 Jugend Mit Ein . None
230Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
231Mark Pendergras©1977 Sparrow Song/C . None
232Dale Garrett©1970 Scripture in S . None
233Leila Hamrat
Sally Phoenix
Sally Phoenix
©1979 Alain Bergese . None
234William Elmo Mercer©1976 John T. Benson . None
235Michael Ryan©1974 Maranatha Musi . None
236Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S . None
237Gary Johnson©1978 Lillenas Publi . None
238Daniel Markoya©1977,1980 Scripture . None
239David Graham©1980 Christian Arti . None
240Ron Fordyce©1976 Ron Fordyce . None
241Ron Fordyce©1976 Ron Fordyce . None
242Nesta Mumford©1980 Thankyou Music . None
243Charles Christmas©1974 The Word of Go . None
244David Graham©1978 Christian Arti . None
245John Fischer©1973 Lexicon Music . None
246Father we love You we worship and adore Donna Adkins©1976,1981 Word Musi . None

If I have omitted copyright on any items, or if there are errors, please e-mail me with details and I will gladly update my records.
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