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Hosanna! Music Praise Worship Vol 1 -

Hymn/Song Book # 10
Hosanna! Music Praise Worship Vol 1
Integrity Music Inc.

Number First Line Writer(s) Date Meter Verses
1Kay Chance©1976 Kay Chance . None
2All hail King Jesus All hail EmmanuelDave Moody1984 . 1
3Elisha Albright Hoffman1878 . 1
4Steven Urspringer
Jay Robinson
©1983 Priesthood Pub . None
5Brent Sinclair Chambers©1977 Scripture in S . None
6Pete Sanchez Jr . 1
7Fritz Klein©1972 Integrity’s Ho . None
8Don Moen©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
9Sandi Sulander©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
10Jeannie Clattenburg
Rick Powell
©1977 SOUND III . None
11Bill Ancira©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
12John Sellers©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
13Dan Gardner©1981 Integrity’s Ho . None
14Nina Lee Hopper©1974 Psalm of Life . None
15Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture . None
16Dan Gardner©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
17Bonnie Low©1977,1979,1986 Scri . None
18Henry Smith©1978 Integrity’s Ho . None
19Father we love You we worship and adore Donna Adkins©1976,1981 Word Musi . None
20Tom McLain©1984 Glory Alleluia . None
21Bob Mason©1982 Integrity’s Ho . None
22Judy Horner Montemayor©1973 Integrity’s Ho . None
23John Hart©1980,1986 Integrity . None
24Kathy Zuziak©1981 Integrity’s Ho . None
25Dale Garrett©1972 Scripture in S . None
26He is exalted the King is exalted on Twila Paris©1985 Straight Way M . None
27Steve Young©1984 ZionSong Music . None
28Sheila Uselton©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
29Christopher Beatty©1979 Birdwing Music . None
30Geron Davis©1983 Songchannel Mu . None
31 . 1
32Todd Pettygrove©1981 Integrity’s Ho . None
33Don Moen©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
34Pete Sanchez Jr©1977 Pete Sanchez J . None
35Jennifer Randolph© Integrity’s Hosann . None
36Leslie Brown©1978 ZionSong Music . None
37Frank Hernandez©1981 Candle Co. Mus . None
38Teresa Muller©1976 Bruce and Ther . None
39Linda Duvall©1982,1985 Grace Fel . None
40Martin J. Nystrom©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
41Robin Brooks©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
42Donya Brockway©1972 His Eye Music/ . None
43Sondra Corbett©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
44Randy Spier©1981 Integrity’s Ho . None
45Niles Borop
Jim Weber
©1983 Meadowgreen Mu . None
46Tom Howard
Bill Batstone
©1982 Maranatha Musi . None
47Pete Sanchez Jr©1983 Integrity’s Ho . None
48Merla Watson©1974 Tempo Music Pu . None
49Naida Hearn©1974/1978 Scripture . None
50Elizabeth Bacon . 1
51John Sellers©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
52Ellis Ward©1978 Ward Ellis . None
53James Greenelsh
Elizabeth Greenelsh
©1978 Integrity’s Ho . None
54Julius Chajes©1952 Transcontinent . None
55Randy Spier©1982 Integrity’s Ho . None
56Steven Fry©1974 BMG Songs Inc/ . None
57Don Moen
Deborah Simpson
©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
58Keith Green©1982 Birdwing Music . None
59Todd Pettygrove©1981 Integrity’s Ho . None
60 Unknown . 1
61Lynn DeShazo©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
62Bill Grein
Janny Grein
©1978 Birdwing Music . None
63Jeffrey Smith© ZionSong Music/Adm . None
64Charles F. Monroe©1973,1986 Integrity . None
65Robert Lowry1876 7 8 7 8 and refrain 6
66Lorraine Sonneberg©1972,1987 Dawn Trea . None
67 . 1
68©1975 Celebration Se . None
69Charles F. Monroe©1973 Integrity’s Ho . None
70Steven Fry©1983 Birdwing Music . None
71Jack Williams Hayford©1981 Rocksmith Musi . None
72Debbye Graafsma©1983 Integrity’s Ho . None
73Charles F. Monroe©1973 Integrity’s Ho . None
74Tom Brooks©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
75Mack Weaver
John Jenkins
Randy Raze
©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
76Leon Patillo©1984 Word Music (UK . None
77 Unknown . 2
78Pete Sanchez Jr©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
79LaMar Boschman©1985 Glory Alleluia . None
80Ted Sandquist©1974 Lion of Judah . None
81Lewis Edgar Jones1899 10 9 10 8 and refrain 4
82Freda Tapp©1976 Matterhorn Mus . None
83Karen Eagan©1980 Integrity’s Ho . None
84Debbye Graafsma©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
85Kirk Dearman©1984 Celebrant Musi . None
86Steffi Geiser Rubin
Stuart Dauermann
1975 . 1
87Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr.©1939, 1967 Albert E . None
88Dale Garrett©1979 Scripture in S . None
89 Unknown . 1
90Bill Ancira©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
91Kirk Dearman©1981,1984 Stamps Ba . None
92African Folk Song©1979 SOUND III . None
93Donn Thomas©1983 Ron Harris Mus . None
94Wayne Perrin
Cathy Perrin
©1981 Integrity’s Ho . None
95Pete Sanchez Jr©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
96 Unknown© Copyright Control . None
97Don Moen©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
98Don Moen©1986 Integrity’s Ho . None
99John Sellers©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
100Erin Macon Delavan, Jr.©1984 Integrity’s Ho . None
101Michael Ledner©1981 Maranatha Musi . None
102Kathy Zuziak©1985 Integrity’s Ho . None
103Pelle Karlsson©1983 White Field Mu . None

If I have omitted copyright on any items, or if there are errors, please e-mail me with details and I will gladly update my records.
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