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Hillsong -

Hymn/Song Book # 108
Hillsong Music

Number First Line Writer(s) Date Meter Verses
32John Ezzy
Daniel Grul
Stephen McPherson
©1992 Ezzy, Grul, Mc . None
75Darlene Zschech©1993 Darlene Zschec . None
91Russell Frager©1995 Russell Fragar . None
96Russell Frager©1995 Russell Fragar . None
106Russell Frager©1995 Russell Fragar . None
125Tanya Riches©1995 Tanya Riches/H . None
126Reuben Morgan©1995 Reuben Morgan/ . None
135Darlene Zschech
Russell Frager
©1996 Darlene Zschec . None
146Reuben Morgan©1996 Reuben Morgan/ . None
153Darlene Zschech©1996 Darlene Zschec . None
156Russell Frager©1996 Russell Fragar . None
157Stephen McPherson©1996 Stephen McPher . None
161Darlene Zschech©1997 Darlene Zschec . None
162Darlene Zschech©1997 Darlene Zschec . None
163Russell Frager©1998 Russell Fragar . None
164Russell Frager©1997 Russell Fragar . None
165Reuben Morgan©1997 Reuben Morgan/ . None
166Reuben Morgan©1997 Reuben Morgan/ . None
171Reuben Morgan©1997 Reuben Morgan/ . None
172Darlene Zschech©1997 Darlene Zschec . None
173Reuben Morgan©1977 Reuben Morgan/ . None
174Darlene Zschech©1997 Darlene Zschec . None
175Craig Gower©1997 Craig Gower/Hi . None
176Reuben Morgan©1997 Reuben Morgan/ . None
181Russell Frager
Darlene Zschech
©1997 Hillsong Music . None
182Russell Frager©1997 Russell Fragar . None
183Stephen McPherson©1997 Stephen McPher . None
184Russell Frager©1997 Russell Fragar . None
185Lucy Fisher©1998 Lucy Fisher/Hi . None
186Darlene Zschech©1997 Darlene Zschec . None
191Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
192Russell Frager©1998 Russell Fragar . None
193Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
194Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
195Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
196Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
201Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
202Russell Frager©1998 Russell Fragar . None
203Reuben Morgan© Reuben Morgan/Hill . None
204Darlene Zschech©1998 Darlene Zschec . None
205Darlene Zschech©1998 Darlene Zschec . None
206Russell Frager©1998 Russell Fragar . None
211Darlene Zschech©1999 Darlene Zschec . None
212Raymond Badham©1998 Raymond Badham . None
213Aran Puddle©1998 Aran Puddle/Hi . None
214Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
215Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
216Tanya Riches©1998 Tanya Riches/H . None
221Marty Sampson©1999 Marty Sampson/ . None
222Reuben Morgan©1998 Reuben Morgan/ . None
223Luke Munns©1999 Luke Munns/Hil . None
224Miriam Webster©1999 Miriam Webster . None
225Ian Fisher
Lucy Fisher
©1998 Hillsong Music . None
226Darlene Zschech©1999 Darlene Zschec . None
232Marty Sampson©1999 Marty Sampson/ . None
233Reuben Morgan©1999 Reuben Morgan/ . None
234Russell Frager©1999 Russell Fragar . None
235Reuben Morgan©1999 Reuben Morgan/ . None
236Reuben Morgan©1999 Reuben Morgan/ . None
241Reuben Morgan©1999 Reuben Morgan/ . None
242Stephen McPherson©1999 Stephen McPher . None
243Ned Davies©1999 Ned Davies / H . None
244Darlene Zschech©1999 Darlene Zschec . None
245Russell Frager©1999 Russell Fragar . None
246Paul Ewing©2000 Paul Ewing/Hil . None
251Darlene Zschech
David Moyse
©2000 Darlene Zschec . None
252Joel Houston©1999 Joel Houston/H . None
253Joel Houston©2000 Joel Houston/H . None
254Raymond Badham©2000 Raymond Badham . None
255Marty Sampson©2000 Marty Sampson/ . None
256Reuben Morgan©2000 Reuben Morgan/ . None
261Reuben Morgan©2000 Reuben Morgan/ . None
262Joel Houston
Marty Sampson
©2000 Hillsong Music . None
263Marty Sampson©2000 Marty Sampson/ . None
264Mark Stevens
Paul Iannuzzelli
©2000 Hillsong Music . None
265Reuben Morgan©2000 Reuben Morgan/ . None
266Mark Stevens©2000 Mark Stevens / . None
271Darlene Zschech©2000 Darlene Zschec . None
272Raymond Badham©2000 Raymond Badham . None
273Mark Stevens©2000 Mark Stevens / . None
274Marty Sampson©2000 Marty Sampson/ . None
275Darlene Zschech©2000 Darlene Zschec . None
276Darlene Zschech©2000 Darlene Zschec . None
281Reuben Morgan
Raymond Badham
Stephen McPherson
N. Hendroff
©2001 Hillsong Music . None
282Marty Sampson©2001 Marty Sampson/ . None
283Darlene Zschech©2001 Darlene Zschec . None
284Miriam Webster©2001 Miriam Webster . None
285Reuben Morgan©2001 Reuben Morgan/ . None
286Raymond Badham©2000 Raymond Badham . None
291Marty Sampson©2001 Marty Sampson/ . None
292Reuben Morgan©2001 Reuben Morgan/ . None
293Luke Munns©2001 Luke Munns/Hil . None
294Miriam Webster©2001 Reuben Morgan/ . None
296Reuben Morgan©2000 Marty Sampson/ . None
301Reuben Morgan©2001 Reuben Morgan/ . None
302Joel Houston©2002 Joel Houston/H . None
303Raymond Badham©2001 Hillsong Music . None
304Marty Sampson©2002 Marty Sampson/ . None
305Reuben Morgan©2001 Reuben Morgan/ . None
306Lyncoln Brewster
Marty Sampson
©2002 Hillsong Music . None

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