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Hymn and Christian
Contemporary Song Collection.

Here is a one-stop collection of over 40,000 hymns and contemporary songs. This is a project in progress and it is being constantly added to.

    - Over 40000 titles,
    - 9000 hymn writers,
    - 28000 hymn tune titles,
    - 22000 Scripture refs.
    - 95000 Verses.
    - “Cut and paste” lyrics from public domain material.
    - Can also use a “slide show” to project using a data projector.

A comment by a visitor:
"It's almost too big..."

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Bible in a Year: Ecclesiastes 10–12, Galatians 1
  • New International Version
  • If I have omitted copyright on any items, or if there are errors, please e-mail me with details and I will gladly update my records.
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